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10 Things to do Before You Die

What is death? What is life after death? Death is not that easy as most of you might think. It is more agonizing than the pain and anguish which you experience while placing your hand in a fire. I bet that no one of you would love to die a pointless death. You are born, you grow up, you work, you marry and you die. Is this the essence of life? No it is not. The creation of mankind was not an automatic event that took place without an external cause. Surely, there was a cause. In a similar way there is a purpose behind our creation. The list of things I have made for our readers does not include any stupid activities or stunts like climbing Mount Everest, going to a film premier or doing something cocky. Read it to know it. Here is the list of the 10 things that you should do.
10. Spend the Maximum Time with Your Family
Whether you are married or unmarried, always remember that your life and existence does matter to someone. Even if your parents are not alive, there might be someone who cares for you. The idea here is to spend the maximum with your parents and children. Try to share the past memories and serene experiences which you had them. Apologize for the things you think you did wrong.  In short, whatever you want to say just say it, as you are not going to return back to say it. There is no reincarnation and you are not going to get a second chance to re-live your life.

9. Leave something for your Children or Old Parents
If you happen to be the only child, then surely you have a number of responsibilities to fulfill. But you do not know when the mist of death is going to annihilate you. So, it is better that you leave something useful for your children and parents so that they may not have to beg in front of this faceless and cruel world. Old age and childhood have the element of “helplessness” common in them. All your life you have wanted to make a name for yourself, but mind it that the only one who is going to cry for you and remember you, are your parents and children. You are like a hero for them, so it is imperative that you do leave them with something useful.

8. Write a Book about your life
Try to write a book explaining all your life experiences and events which you remember. Now here it does not mean that the book should meet the professional standards. The idea here is to write something in any way you want. If at least one person succeeds in reading your book and getting something useful from it, then your purpose would be fulfilled.

7. Try to Help the Innocent and Persecuted
There is surely no doubt in saying that helping one individual is equivalent to helping all humanity. Almost all of you have the power to change some of the things around you. This is not something out of the world, but in fact it is just a fragment of the limitless abilities than every human possesses. We are superior to all other organisms and we do have that “specialty” that enables to mold the things around us in a way we want. Try to help out as many people as you can. And if you are unable to help them, try to at least feel sorry for the person and pray for him or her in any way you find suitable. No matter to which religion you belong, always mind that there is nothing bigger than humanity itself.

6. Get Married
Your life will always remain incomplete without marriage. There is no point in having a living relationship with someone. Marriage is more pure and deep than anyone of us can consciously imagine. The purpose of getting married is to get unified with someone in a spiritual, emotional and in a socially accepted way. I do not mean to be disrespectful while saying that mankind did not come into being from a living relationship between Adam and Eve. Both of them were married to each other, in fact they realized each other and gave a direction to humanity. So, get married if you are not already.

5. Review Your Faith
Whether you are an atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Christian, Jew or any other, the end of your life is the time to re-evaluate the beliefs you have had your entire life. I am not saying here that you should change your fine religion. If you think that your beliefs all other activities are justified, then well and good. But if you feel that something is missing or something is wrong, then going for a confession is the least you can do.

4.  Go to a Graveyard
This is something really serious and real. You would be thinking that what is the point in going to a graveyard? The answer is really simple and requires only a minor mental activity. When you enter a graveyard, only then you realize that how it would feel to lie buried under tons and tons of soil. I am not recommending that you should fear death but the only thing I am saying is to just visualize your end.  “We were created out of some random processes that took place by chance and there is nothing after death”. In reality, this is not the case, as to every action there is a reaction, to every move, there is a response. In a similar way, whatever we have done in our lives is going to be accounted for whether you like it or not. If you still believe that it is pointless to go in a graveyard, then what you have to say for the hundreds of things you have doing in your life that were, in fact, pointless. So why not do this just for all times sake. I am sure that most of the teenagers would find this argument quite funny. The only person who can come to understand the importance of it is the one who knows that he is going to die very soon.

3. Read as many Books as you can
Books are indeed a great source of self-knowledge and entertainment. Yet again you would be thinking that how can a book help me in getting some self-knowledge. You can only have the answer to this by reviewing your own preference patterns for the kinds and quality of literature that you like. The best thing you can do is to read the novel of some serious, a less cocky and professional writer. Try to fit yourself in the scenario and story depicted in the book, as a little autistic imagination never hurts anybody.

2.  Do not Fear Death
You all might have seen some people who start to shiver on hearing the news that they are going to die soon. I hope you are not of them, as death should only be feared by those who never that it was coming. Everyone knows that one day there existence is going to end. Death is not so strange after all and at the same time life is also not too short. Most of the people these days do cross the 40 year age line, so I think that is enough time to do all the things you have ever wanted to do. At the same time, it is also enough to get yourself prepared for the known or the unknown that awaits you after your death. Don’t be a coward and accept this ultimate reality that no one can dare to deny.

1.    Ask for Forgiveness
If you are a believer, then you know to whom you should ask for the forgiveness of your sins. And if you are not a believer, then you should seek forgiveness from yourself and from the people you have hurt during the course of your life. A few words are not going to do any harm. Get in touch with them while you still have time and just say what you want to say in order to make them feel that you are really sorry for what you did. Now you may think and say whatever you want after reading this article, but my motive was just to make you think about it.

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