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Top 10 Most Powerful and Largest Armies in the World

Offering security and defense against the external forces is the prime motive of a country’s military. Borderline as well as internal security is the demand of every country these days and for this purpose the power army is established. Not to forget the factor of nuclear power energy and the presence of nuclear power plants. It is quite substantiated that the nuclear capabilities merged with the intelligence strategies come to strengthen the country in these times of high defensive uncertainties. Not to forget that the recent global scenario has forced the countries to take into account new security challenges which are now being posed by the growing terrorist organizations. The new breed of  counter terrorism, supported by many of the countries these days, has indeed raised a great concern among all the members of the global community, as the terrorist these days have a power of inflicting a great damage simultaneously to a wide and diverse range of targets. The use of intelligence and anti terrorism tactics has always been visible in all the strategies and tactics through the course of a country’s history. In addition, the intelligence also plays an important role in the success of the various military functions. Today, having a strong and powerful military has become more crucial, as the faces of threat have now changed into a more complex form. Let us take a look at the top 10 most powerful and largest armies in the world which has been formulated keeping view the size of the armies plus their defense capabilities. Take a look at these best armies.
10. Myanmar (406,000)
With a military strength of nearly 406,000 active military personnel, at number 10 we have the Myanmar Army. Considered to be the second largest army in the region of South East Asia, the Myanmar Army is marked by some of the most effective military equipment including tanks, artillery vehicles, ballistic missiles, and much more. In the year 2011, the government of Myanmar had passed a law which bound all the male citizens between the ages of 18 to 35 years and females between the ages of 18 to 27 to be drafted into the armed forces in times of serious emergencies. Myanmar these days is making some huge investments in its defense sector which was revealed in the report that was published in the year 2011 stating that the government had allocated nearly $ 2 billion for the defense purposes.

9. Vietnam (455,000)
With nearly 455,000 active military personnel, Vietnam has made it to our number 9th spot. The army of the country is known by the name of Vietnam’s People’s army. There is no doubt in saying that this army is quite strong and courageous and this fact can be better understood by having some knowledge of the Vietnam War which it had fought against the United States of America. The army was established in the year 1944 with the purpose of kicking out the Japanese and other military personnel from their country. In the initial days of its establishment, the army had only 1000 soldiers, but at the time of Vietnam War they had gained enough potential to force the United States to leave the country. It has been recently estimated that the government is spending more than $ 2.5 billion in its defense sector each year.

8. Iran (523,000)
At number 8th we have the Iranian Army with nearly 523,000 active military personnel. General John Abizaid had regarded the Iranian army in very high terms by saying that Iranian Army is indeed the most powerful army in the entire Middle East. With nearly 14 land divisions and more than 15 air force squadrons, it is also being speculated that soon Iran will also step in the race of nuclear technology. Under the supreme commandership of Ali Khamenei, Iran has now established itself as one of the most strategic and powerful militaries in the world. According to the reports published by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the military expenditures and budget of Iran was nearly $ 9.174 billion in the year 2008. The recent estimates are expected to be much higher. Despite of various sanctions imposed on Iran from the side of United States of America and other followers, Iran has still managed to strengthen its defense equipment and weapons manufacturing units.

7. Turkey (666,576)
The Turkish Army has made it our number 7th spot with nearly 666,576 active personnel. In the days of the Korean War, the Turkish Army had truly exhibited the kind of strength and defensive capabilities they possess. Turkey had also been an active participant in the year 2001 when Al-Qaeda had been proved to be responsible for the bombings in Istanbul. Most of the forces which turkey has were inherited after the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War. In the past 2 years the Turkish Army has recruited nearly 200,000 more individuals, thus making it one of the largest armies in the world. In addition, the government had also spent nearly $ 160 billion in various projects of manufacturing tanks, helicopters, missiles, warships and much more. Currently, Turkey has one of the most sophisticated weaponry systems, thus making it the 7th largest as well as strongest army in the world.

6. Pakistan (617,000)
Although the active personnel of the Pakistani Armed Forces are less than that of Turkey, but as I have mentioned earlier, this list has been made keeping in view the factor of size plus defense capabilities. Keeping in view these factors the Pakistani Army has made it to our number 6th spot. According to the report which was published in the year 2010 by The International Institute of Strategic Studies, Pakistan had nearly 700,000 active personnel at that time. Some other reports have stated that the number is much more than the reported figures. Pakistan has always been an active participant in peace keeping missions and has always co-operated with the United Nations. But still all the first world countries look at the armed forces of Pakistan with a great deal of concern, primarily because of the fact that the Nuclear Technology of Pakistan is one of the most effective and sophisticated in the world. Through the course of its history, the Pakistani Army has also remained engaged in a number of wars.

5. India (1,325,000)
With nearly 1,325,000 active military personnel, India has made it our number 5th spot. Each year the government allocated a great sum of money for the purpose of advancements in nuclear technology and for other defensive motives. The exact figures cannot be stated with great efficacy, but still it has been reported that each year the government invests more than $ 45 billion in this sector. In terms of defense budget, India is at the number 8th spot. The Indian army is one of the most experienced and trained armies in Asia. Not to forget the nuclear capabilities of the country, as it is one of the seven nuclear power nations in the world. India also leads most of the Asian Nations in terms of tanks, jet planes, helicopters, naval vessels and much more.

4. North Korea (1,106,000)
The army of North Korea is known by the name of the Korean People’s Army, although it does not include the whole of Korea. It was founded in the year 1932 and till now has been considered to be one of the most militarized nations in the world. Due to their advanced civil equipment, chemical weapons, hidden nuclear capabilities, nearly 7,700,000 reserve personnel, strong air force and with some of the most dangerous missiles in the world, North Korea rightly deserves the number 4th spot. The armed forces of this country have indeed posed numerous challenges for the some of the strongest countries in the world like that of United States of America, China, U.K, India and others. No one knows the exact amounts which the country spends towards its defense sectors, but it has been speculated the nearly 40 % of the budget are dedicated towards this sector.

3. Russia (1,027,000)
At number 3 we have the former super power nation of the world and probably the biggest weapons manufacturing country, Russia. The active personnel of the country have been reported to be nearly 1,027,000. In the year 2010 the International Institute of Strategic Studies had reported that the numbers of active personnel slightly more than the reported figures, but at the same time they had also mentioned that these numbers would be reduced after the introduction of some new military reforms in the country. The stockpile of Nuclear weapons and equipment of Russia has been estimated to be the largest in the world. Same is the case with the nuclear war head sites which is no doubt the largest in the world. In terms of deployed nuclear weapons, Russia is behind the United States of America.

2. China (2,285,000)
The Chinese army is most commonly known by the name of the People’s Liberation Army which was founded in the year 1927 and is also the world’s largest army. With nearly 2,285,000 military personnel and with one of the most well equipped nuclear missile systems, China rightly deserves the 2nd spot in the list. The Liberation Army also leads most of the countries in the nuclear war heads, cruise missile, tanks, helicopters, naval vessels, chemical weapons and hyper sonic vehicles. The budget which the government spends on the defense sector has been estimated to be more than $ 100 billion, which also takes it to the number 2nd spot in terms of the defense budget. In its history China has fought many wars in which it has always emerged successful.

1.    United States of America (1,458,219)
With nearly 1,458,219 active military personnel and with the most advanced and devastating nuclear weapons, The United States of America deserves the number 1 spot. In the year 2011, the government had spent more than $ 600 billion in the defense sector which indeed takes it to the number 1 spot in terms of defense expenditures. Not to forget that the United States armed forces have been alleged for using nuclear weapons against Japan. In terms of deployed nuclear weapons all around the world, America also leads all other nations. The development of nuclear weapons in America had started during the times of the 2nd World War under the orders of President Roosevelt. In the year 1998, as asserted by numerous official reports the country had spent billions of dollars in the development of nuclear weapons, so you can estimate the amounts which the United States is spending these days. America is still the most powerful army in the world.

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