Friday, 22 June 2012

10 Tips For Women to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

10. Make a plan

Think of your daily routine and find the cause of your belly fat. You may need to make some changes in your lifestyle, which usually involves the routines that you have been used to, and comfortable with. A minor change with your diet can result to a big difference. Be motivated and strict to your diet plan, wherein you should engage yourself in physical activities like swimming, gardening, cycling, and even taking brisk walks in the morning. Reduce your time in watching TV or in being too glued in front of your computer. Don`t sleep or sit in the same posture for a long time right after eating. It is recommended that you go for a five-minute walk after finishing your meal, where you let your stomach digest properly. Stay motivated even if results are not rapid.

9. Reduce Stress

Studies have proved that stress can be a factor of your fat belly. Everything we take in our body, whether if it is taken into the system by eating or by thinking, has to be manifested in one way or another. Stress can create changes with the psychological pattern of a person, making herself more prone to anger, or with the physical makeup, which comes out as fat or additional inches in the arms, belly, or legs. In case you are feeling that stress is taking over your life, then you need to come up with ways wherein you could enjoy life more.

8. Sleep  

Woman Sleeping      

Sleep well. You may think that sleeping makes you fatter, but it is the other way around, especially when you have acquired the adequate amount of sleep as suggested by physicians and specialists. Sleeping straight for eight hours a day, not seven, not four, and not even distributed eight-hour naps, would compensate for this advice. Those who sleep less often get heavier quicker, which disturbs your hormones that make you unsatisfied with your food intake after a meal. It also makes your hunger insatiable where your body thinks that your tummy needs to be full before finishing eating.

7. Don’t be strict with the same diet

7. Don’t strict to same diet
Even though there are certain diets that are designed for specific lifestyles and living standards, you do not need to imprison yourself with the same pattern everyday. Experiencing varied diet patterns are better than starving yourself to death. Every food helps a little in its own way. Different varieties in your diet plan will not make you bored with your fat reducing routine, which makes it interesting.

6. Food that you can eat

6. Food that you can eat
Eat foods that burns fats and hastens the metabolic process. Have a breakfast of citrus fruits as these are the best fat burning foods that could keep your digestive system on track. Whole grains or oatmeal reduces your appetite because they stay longer in your stomach. Green veggies contain vitamins and minerals, while peanut butter prevents your belly to be bloated. Also, olive oil is excellent for cooking, due to its non-fat properties. Lastly, a high protein diet is recommended to reduce body fats as it makes muscles developed and provides desired muscle shape while the fat burning process occurs.

5. Food that have to be avoided

5. Food that has to be avoided
Reduce your calorie consumption by lessening your intake of foods that are rich in animal oil and preservatives, specifically burgers, fries, and even junk food. Do not get the impression that calorie intake is bad for the body. In fact, it serves as a fuel that your body needs to keep itself going. However, the excess thereof becomes idle, which is stored in your belly and in other fat zones. Less calorie intake will force your body to use stored fats, which burns it faster. Decrease your consumption of foods that are rich in sugar because it can cause the insulin to overreact, which in turn, causes the body to store fat. This can be done by limiting your carbohydrate intake by avoiding white pasta, plain bread, or potatoes. Rich creamy food, which includes ice creams, cheese, cream salad and others of the same category is a big source of fats. Don’t eat food that contains trans-fat by shunning away processed food that is partially hydrogenated. Salty and spicy food, even chew gums play a part in making your stomach fat.

4. Eat less

4. Eat less
By the way, eating less is different than torturing yourself through starvation. You have to control your appetite, making your stomach burn the right amount of nutrients that the body needs. Abstinence in food will cause devastating effects to your standard body functions. As much as possible, you have to keep yourself active when eating. It is not advised to consume food when you are living a slow-paced lifestyle. A salad and a glass of water before taking a meal is good for the health and will reduce your hunger.

3. Exercise

3. Exercise
Burn your calories and start a healthy lifestyle by including exercise in your daily regimen, which would opt you to consult a physician  or a fitness trainer, so that you will know the right exercises that are fit for your preference. Abdominal exercise and crunches can be fruitful in reducing belly fat. Signing up for a gym class will show you the right routines in targeting areas for fat loss. By the way, you need to know that sit ups do not lose as much belly fat as you think.

2. Develop important habits

2. Important habits to develop
Here are some easy and effective habits that can do wonders in days to reduce your extra belly fat.
Take green tea after the end of every meal. Mix honey in water and drink it 1 to 2 times daily. Drinking lukewarm water with lemon juice before eating anything in the morning should also prove efficient in fat and weight loss. Lastly, becoming religious in taking in your daily vitamins could provide amazing results.

1. Drink plenty of water

1. Drink plenty of water
The best and easy way to reduce your belly fat is to drink plenty of water. Develop the habit of carrying a water-filled bottle wherever you go. Drink as much water as you can, although it has been suggested to drink eight glasses of water a day. It will not only reduce your appetite but also avoid water retention by promoting the natural excretion process in the skin. A sip after each bite would make you feel filled quicker, lessening your tendency to consume more food.

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