Friday, 22 June 2012



When was the last time you said ‘I love you‘ to someone in your life? Do you say it as soon as you want to or do you hold onto it for much longer than you should? Are there things you still have to say to someone, which you have been putting off for later simply because you do not have the time or opportunity? Do you realize that life is so unpredictable that you may not get a chance to say it at all? Would that affect you or the other person?
Often, we are too busy living to stop and think about life. We are encapsulated in time frames, which we assume would never end until the fateful moment when your life is swept away into oblivion, only to remain in the memories of those you have left behind.

There is a very thin line between life and death. It is too thin to even support a transitional phase between the two sides. This does not mean that you panic each time someone you love walks away, but to be able to convey your feelings while the person is present is what I am trying to drive at. Usually at a funeral or memorial service, the family and well-wishers of the deceased make speeches where memories of the departed person is shared amongst those who are present. Some express their gratitude, appreciation and even declare their feelings for the deceased. At times, one cannot help but wonder if the departed would have appreciated it if they had expressed themselves in this manner while she was still alive. Would it have made a difference to the relationship? Are these things, which were left unsaid?

Perhaps you would prefer to be very optimistic and choose to wait until the person is in sight again. Would it matter to you if the person never appears again? How would it affect you when you realize that you should have said it while you could?
Some people keep too many secrets within them and hope to reveal them someday. While some are given the opportunity to do so, a few slip into eternal rest with their lips sealed. Would you rather face death with a peaceful composure derived from having said all that you want others to hear or drift away in guilt? A memorial service helps the living to share their memories and experiences of the deceased. It is not a place to express feelings and thoughts which you would have liked the departed to hear before death occurred.
Everyone deserves to be told how much he or she is loved while alive. Withholding it would be unfair and unkind especially if the person means a lot to you.
So, why procrastinate at all? With the astonishingly increasing violence and loss of lives reported every day, it is no longer worth putting off your emotions and expressions from those who mean a lot to you. I do not intend to make it all appear so gloomy, but at times the truth does hurt and it is important for us to accept the pain in the truth. It helps us to notice what would have otherwise been ignored.
So, as soon as you have read this article, make a mental list of all the things you would want to say to your loved ones. Then, pick up that phone and just say it or send love letter . If you need to be in front of that person to do so, then find a way to get where he or she is at, now.

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