Friday, 22 June 2012


If you aren’t romantically inclined, coming up with romantic proposal ideas on your own can seem like a daunting task. The thing is, romantic proposal ideas don’t have to be “traditionally” romantic, and romantic proposal ideas only need to express your feelings and give you the “right” opportunity to “pop the question.” Romantic proposal ideas need not be expensive or overly elaborate- sometimes a simple hand-written card with the question in it is a good way to “pop the question.”

But for those of you more “romantically challenged”, here are a few romantic proposal ideas to get you started. Two extremely romantic proposal ideas include; a candlelit dinner for two and after dinner, but before dessert, going down on one knee and “popping the question” in a romantic restaurant that is special to the two of you. Or, you can present your Honey with a bouquet of flowers with the ring box nestled in the bouquet, right beside a card, and “pop the question” that way.

Some other romantic proposal ideas include; a walk on the beach to a place prepared ahead of time, with the words “Will you marry me?” scrawled in the sand and the ring in your pocket; a “treasure hunt” with clues leading to the words of the question and then finally the ring; or having it announced on the scoreboard or over the intercom at a sporting event.

Romantic proposal ideas need not be expensive or elaborate, and sometimes the very best romantic proposal ideas are the simplest. Romantic proposal ideas can vary from couple to couple as well, what one couple finds romantic or practical, another couple may find mundane or boring. Romantic proposal ideas are as romantic and elaborate as you want, or as simple and inexpensive as you want. If you aren’t sure how to come up with romantic proposal ideas, consider your partner’s hobbies, interests, their ideas of what’s romantic and what isn’t, and use something that the two of you enjoy together as a starting point for romantic proposal ideas.

The skies’ the limit when it comes to romantic proposal ideas, simply use your imagination. All that really matters when it comes to romantic proposal ideas, is that you ask the question, and what the answer is. Ultimately, romantic proposal ideas are based on what’s in the heart. Expressing your feelings and your heart is one of the best romantic proposal ideas there are.

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