Friday, 22 June 2012


s this Love or Am I Only Staying Because it is Comfortable?What is Love?
This is a million dollar question which sometimes pops into your head and to which more often than not you don’t have an answer to. As a rule we all look for a feeling of comfort and when achieved we don’t want to disturb it whatsoever and hence there you are. In a relationship which you may think is love, but in reality is a state of inertia from which you don’t want to displace yourself. There are some basic questions you could ask yourself, the answers to which probably can give you an idea as to just exactly where you are.
The first has to be where you see yourself say five years from today. Whether your partner is a part of that future or not? Another could be what really works in your relationship and what doesn’t.
You could try the age old method of making a list of what works and what doesn’t. make your partner also participate, so you could rediscover what got you to this point in the first place.
If your partner keeps feeling that you are not returning his/her feelings in the same kind then chances are it is not love.
Trust is a very important issue and though you may feel fleetingly jealous, you know your partner won’t betray you. The jealousy just shows that your relationship has not stagnated.
If you feel serene and completely happy when you are with your partner it is a real good sign. Small conflicts can be a part of the relationship as otherwise life would just become monotonous.
The most important here would be that you are always yourself with your partner. There is no pretense or any effort to be someone else that you are not just to please him/her.
The golden rule here is you have to be comfortable when in love, but if you are comfortable does not necessarily mean that it is love.\

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