10. Chihuahuas
At number 10 we have the small sized dog which is characterized by its bulging eyes and average height. The standard height of this breed of dogs never exceeds more than 10 inches. It’s debilitating looks and bodily features have pushed on the number 10 spot in our list.

9. French Bulldog
With its fatty body and stupid looks, this dog is even uglier than the Chihuahuas. There is no doubt in saying that the dog has splendid strength and speed, but is poor in terms of photogenic looks and appealing features. Apart from the looks, the bark of this dog can indeed scare the hell out of anyone.

8. Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Next in our list is the hairy little fellow named as Dandie Dinmont Terrier. This dog has been named primarily after the name of a farmer and is famous for its stupid looks. The feature which makes this dog ugly is not the face or eyes, but it is the hair style. The curls and topknots of the dog’s hair make him look stupid and wretched all at the same time. When one takes a look at this dog, then one can easily reason that the poor creature had a bad hair day.

7. Japanese Chin
At number 7 we have the dog from the land of the rising sun. The feature which makes this dog ugly is the distance between its eyes. The eyes are so apart from each other that it can easily guard the back as well as the front doors all at the same time. The average height of this dog breed is around 11 inches.

6. Chinese Shar Pei
At number 6 we have the Chinese Shar pei. So far in our rankings we have taken into consideration a number of features like the bulging eyes and eye gaps, but the feature which makes this dog ugly is its wrinkles. This dog is polite, calm, adorable and at the same time ugly as well. When one takes a quick look at this dig, then one is compelled to cry at its looks. Just look at him and cry.

5. Whippet
When one looks at the face and the body structure of this dog breed, then one can easily come to reason that this dog breed is even more slimmer than the models who suffer from anorexia nervosa. This dog breed is even thinner than the models undergoing the process of liposuction. The holistic personality of the dog is indeed atrocious. In comparison to the previously mentioned dog breeds, the whippet is longer and faster.

4. Standard Schnauzer
This dog is indeed one of the ugliest and monstrous dogs ever. The reason which makes this dog ugly is that this dog always looks angry at something which nobody knows. The face even looks more horrifying with its beard and old man like expressions. When one takes a detailed look at this dog breed, then one can indeed reason that the dog looks more like a disapproved uncle who is never happy for even himself.

3. Pug
The origins of this term (Pug) can be traced back to the 18th century. At those times the term was used in order to assert ugly looks and impolite nature. The term was uttered as Plug-ugly. Now, after a time period more than 100 years, the term has been modified to Pug-ugly. One can easily trace the origins of this dog’s name by taking a brief look at him. But at the same time, many believe that this dog has a very winning and apologetic personality which makes it one of the most adorable dogs. Yet another feature which makes this dog ugly is that its nostrils are always seen misplaced.

2. Shih Tzu
Despite of the fact that it has a long hair, the facial looks of this dog indeed can compel anyone to assert that this dog is ugly. In fact this dog has taken the concept of ugliness to even more extreme levels. The second reason which makes has made this dog qualify for our top ten lists is its name-Shih Tzu.

1. Chinese Crested
At number 1 spot we have the ugliest dog ever which is named as the Chinese Crested. The dog is bald, angry and has a very unworthy body. There is no sort of attraction which is to be found in this dog which is indeed the primary reason behind this dog being called as the ugliest. Just take a look at it.