Friday, 22 June 2012

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of the World

10. Lost Inca Gold
Lost Inca Gold
The Inca civilization arose in the highlands of ancient Peru in the 13th century. The lived in that area and conquered many other areas of South America, until their conquest by the Spaniards began in the 16th century. This is where the legend of the lost gold begins. Atahualpa was an Inca king who was captured in Peru by Spanish commander Francisco Pizarro. Pizarro demanded a ransom of a roomful of gold for the king’s release. He went back on his words and had the king put to death before the last and largest part of the ransom had been delivered. This ransom gold was then buried in a secret mountain cave, where it is supposed to be present ever since! A map to this cave is also present, thanks to Valverd. He was a man who came 50 years after the king’s death. He is supposed to have become rich when his Indian bride’s family led him to that gold. This man wrote the way to that cave before dying. Is the gold still present in a cave? or was it ever there in the first place? These questions have not yet been answered!
9. The Egyptian Pyramids
Egyptian Pyramids
The Egyptian Pyramids are the massive pyramidal monuments built by the Pharaohs. They have a square broad base and four slanting triangular sides, rising to a point. Many pyramids are present in Egypt, but no one knows exactly why they were built? Was it just built to show the might of the kings? Or did it have any religious backgrounds, i.e, something related to their sun god Ra, some people suggest that the pyramid’s shape is thought to have symbolized the sun’s rays. Well for centuries, people have theorized how these pyramids were built, but no one can tell anything for certain. It is one of those mysteries which will most probably never be solved!
8. The Hum
the hum
The Hum refers to a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming sound which is not audible to all people. No one has been able to tell for certain where this sound comes from or what causes this sound. It has been reported in various geographical locations like Hawaii, New Mexico and New Zealand etc. This sound is described as being similar to distant idling diesel engine. It is tough to detect it with microphones and earplugs are reported as not decreasing the sound. Some people even perceive vibrations that are felt through the body, and it is often perceived more intensely during the night.
7. Bimini Road
Bimini Road
The Bimini Road, or the Bimini Wall, is an underwater rock formation present close to the North Bimini island in the Bahamas. This formation is a 0.8 km long northeast-southwest linear feature made up of roughly rectangular to sub-rectangular limestone blocks. These blocks are about 3–4 m wide and 2–3 m high. It is not known how these features formed or were made, some people thing they are man-made, while some argue that they were from naturally.
6. Iron pillar of Delhi
Delhi iron pillar
This pillar is also known as Ashokan pillar and is present in Delhi, India. It was made in about 912 BCE. It is 7 m high. This pillar is of great interest to people because of the fact that it is extremely resistant to corrosion. Weathering and harsh, alternating dry and wet conditions do not affect this pillar. It does not even rust. This is because of its curious chemical metallic nature. Its metal is supposed to have many impurities, which impart this amazing quality to this pillar.
5. Sailing stones
sailing stones death valley
Sailing stones are also known as sliding rocks and moving rocks. These are the rocks which move all by themselves! Yes, these rocks move long distances along a smooth valley floor without any human or animal help. These types of rocks have been seen in many places, for example, Racetrack Playa, Death Valley. The force that helps them move is not certain and is currently under research. These rocks leave behind trails, which are usually present in all directions, as they can move in all directions. These rocks usually move only every two or three years and most tracks develop over three or four years. It is a really curious natural phenomenon.
4. Extraterrestrial life
Extraterrestrial life refers to life that does not from Earth. In simple words it means alien life, or simply aliens. Some people believe that life is present on other planets too. Some people even claim to have seen things supposedly related to it. While nothing has been proven as yet, many scientists consider extraterrestrial life to be plausible.
3. Nazca Lines
nazca lines
Nazca lines refer to ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. These lines have thought to be created by the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 AD. They make up hundreds of individual figures, from simple lines to zoomorphic designs of animals such as birds, fish, llamas, jaguar, monkey, or human figures; or phytomorphic shapes like trees and flowers. The largest figures are more than 200 meters  big. The reason why they were made is not known, but some people believe it was for religious purposes.
2. Unidentified Flying Object
An unidentified flying object is often abbreviated as UFO or U.F.O. It is an unknown and unidentifiable object flying in the sky. People usually consider UFOs to be alien spacecraft, as these are not known to be from this world or to be natural. Many UFO sightings have occurred in the past. The UFOs are also sometimes called flying saucers. We still don’t know what they are, or from where they come.
1. Bermuda Triangle
The mystery of Bermuda Triangle needs no introduction as almost everyone knows about it. It is one of the biggest and most talked about mystery of the world. Bermuda triangle is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean and is also known as the Devil’s Triangle. The reason why it is called so is the fact that a number of aircraft and surface vessels are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in this region. No one has ever come back from this region. Many scientific theories are also present regarding how all this is possible, but nothing is for sure!

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