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10 Big Companies That Started in Garages

Folks, if you want to have the knowledge regarding the world companies which started in a garage then you need to stay on this page. Just grab a cup of coffee and read this article and find of the world that started garages.
You can indeed get plenty of useful information regarding garage startup companies. The idea that you can start a business in a garage and grow it to become a thriving successful enterprise is what drives our economy, and the seeds of innovation.  Below is the list of the top 10 companies of the world that started garages.

10. Yankee Candle Company

Yankee Candle Company
It was in 1969 when a young boy named Michael; aged 16 presented his mother scented candles. Michael made them at his garage. Soon the mass producing structure was under way. The garage was located at south of Hadley, which has now considered as the largest producer of the scented candles throughout US.

9. Mattel

It was founded by “Matt” and “Elliot” who gave it name as Mattel. To make the garage a state of the art service provider, both of the founders of Mattel put the picture frames into practical use. They created dollhouses from the scrap that gained due recognition worldwide. The location of Mattel is south of California.

8. Maglite

It was in 1950 when Tony Maglica returned to US from Croatia. Tony had a little grip on English language and he accepted every job came about the garage companies.  After doing so he was able to save around $125 which he spent on purchasing lathe which paved way to the manufacturing of the precision parts. As a result, the incorporation of the Mag Instrument was done in 1974. It is located in California.

7. Lotus Cars

Lotus Cars Founded in 1952. Anthony Colin at the age of 20 started the business of lotus cars. The first car was built in the Old stables Factory and after that it started to be a huge success. The location is London, UK. The racing cars manufactured here are famous worldwide.

6. Hewlett- Packard

Hewlett-Packard Garage
The initial investment that the founders made was about $538. The first product that was produced in the garage was the audio oscillator and the very first client was Walt Disney. Hp has now become the largest providers in the world. Thanks to Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The location is the Palo Alto in California.

5. Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson-1903
A young boy named William S. Harley was able to come up with a small type of engine that was used to power the bicycle. This did work out well for William and after some time he was joined by his childhood friend named Arthur Davidson. They put their services into practical usage and came up with a motor-cycle engine that worked out pretty much well for you. In today’s world, this is one of the most recognized motor cycle brands that are in offer. The Location is northern Milwaukee.

4. Google

Google Garage
Google was started from a so-called garage at the Menlo Park, California in the year 1998. Larry page and Sergey Brin was the founder of this amazing search engine. They were college students and realized that the project would not let them to concentrate on their studies. So, they made up their mind to sell the project but the offer was rejected. An offer was made to Excite who declined. Google now enjoys the most traffic to the website in the world. This was indeed the step towards glorification and Google soon proved its worth by providing the people with the services that is like a dream come true.

3. Disney

It is 45 minute drive from Disney Park, where a house witnessed the Walt Disney getting its start from the garage. Indeed, one has to strive hard to achieve success as no one get it overnight. Back then in 1923, the house referred above was the property of Robert Disney, an uncle of Walt Disney. The first studio of Disney was set up in that garage. Alice’s comedies were started to be filmed there that were the part and parcel of the unique, original and amazing Alice’s wonderland.  Disney is without a doubt the market leader in worldwide media conglomerate. It is located in California.

2. Apple

Apple Computer Garage
The credit goes to Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak that laid the basis of selling 50 units of computer built on their own by coming up with innovative ideas. It turned out to be a huge success that urged the owners to take the business to the new heights. Speaking of today, apple is now the most valuable and highly rated technological company in the entire world. The computers were worked on in a garage in Cupertino where the foundation stone was laid

1. Amazon

Indeed, the largest online retailing store. Amazon was founded in 1994 and it was run from the garage of Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon. It is located in Bellevue, Washington.

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