Perfumes are now being used for a number of different purposes. They are mostly used in the form of gifts for the loved ones and sometimes for other purposes. Perfumes are heavily liked by women of all ages because they think that the scents and fragrances come to increase their attraction. Indeed scents come to add the element of glamour and style to one’s personality, especially for women. This is the reason why women prefer using them on social gatherings and personal interactions. Due to the increased preferences of perfumes, the companies today are now focusing in adding more and more scents to these perfumes in order to bring out a new smell. The prices of these perfumes depend on the quality and on the type of scents that have been used in their making process. Below is the list of top 10 best perfumes for women 2012.
10. Romance
This perfume is manufactured by Ralph Lauren by the name of Romance. The fragrance which is released from this perfume comes to stimulate the entire atmosphere. As one of the most sensual and high appealing perfumes, Romance has been made using different ingredients and materials like marigold, ginger and some others. The sales of this perfume have been increasingly reported not in the U.S, but in the third world countries as well.

9. Montana Mood Sensual Perfume
Considered to be one of the most seductive and glamorous perfume, Montana Mood is yet another highly sensual perfume which is preferred by women who love to appear unique and distinguished. The specialty of this perfume is its costly manufacturing process which takes place using a number of ingredients like roses and some other rare flowers. The use of these ingredients in calculated proportions comes to generate a very mild smell. So, it is highly recommended for those women who are sensitive.

8. Safari Perfume
Manufactured by Ralph Lauren in selective countries, Safari is yet another top class perfume. It has been prepared specifically for those women who love to have a mixture of different scents and fragrances all in one perfume. Another very important feature which makes this perfume very special is the fact that it generates different scents at different times of the day. Women who have used this perfume claim that its smell stimulates different individuals in different ways. But this feature can only be confirmed by giving this perfume a try. Overall, the scents generated from this perfume are mild in contrast to the other perfumes and fragrances.

7. Sensuous
Manufactured by the world class company Estee Lauder, Sensuous is one of their highly sold perfumes. The manufactures claim that this perfume generates highly generalized scents that are suitable for women belonging to any age range. The chemical makeup of this perfume consists of lily accord, black pepper, jasmine and some other materials. These materials come to generate fantastic smells which are highly pleasant. For those who want to receive the attention of men and women all at the same time, this perfume is one of the top recommendations.
6. Beautiful
This perfume is yet another product by Estee Lauder. The fragrance generated from it comes to complete one’s personality and adds the element of innate beauty. No matter what type of clothes you wear and how do you look, it is highly imperative to use a perfume that would come to create holistic impact of your personality on the minds of others. Beautiful, is that fragrance which can provide you with the element of personality completion. The manufacturing process of this perfume makes use of citrus, roses and smell from different flowers. The best season for using it is indeed the spring season. The scents generated from it create a long lasting impact which would leave your positive image in the minds of others.

5.  Hypnose
As the name of this perfume signifies, it comes to create a state of hypnosis or higher suggestibility in others. In simple words, this perfume will empower you to hypnotize all the men around you. The mesmerizing impact generated from it is primarily due to the special ingredients which have been used in the lengthy and costly manufacturing process which makes it different from all other perfumes. Passion flowers serve as the top notes of this perfume and vanilla serves the purpose of base notes. Being a highly feminine perfume, it has been made keeping in view the preferences of today’s women.

4. Light Blue
Manufactured under the brand name of Dolce and Gabbana, Light Blue is also a very special and highly prestigious perfume. The feature which makes it different from others is the kind of scintillating and enthralling effect it comes to generate. The scents that are generated from this perfume come from the ingredients like roses, green apples, citron and many others. It is highly preferred for those women who are in a continuous search of an impinging and unsurpassable fragrance.

3. Lovely
Manufactured under the brand name of Sarah Jessica Parker, Lovely is also one of the top notch perfumes which are being used. The manufacturers had reported an increase in the sales of this perfume, especially in the last few months which indeed elucidates the worth of this perfume. The ingredients like roses, lavender, green apples and lavender. This perfume is recommended for those women who want to shatter a number of hearts all at the same time. Presently, there are a number of models and actresses who are also using this perfume.

2. Obsession Classic
Despite of being one of the oldest and highly sold perfumes, Obsession Classic is on the 2nd number in our top ranking. The manufactures of this perfume have been in the domain of smell making for quite some time now. The ingredients like mandarin, amber, roses and musk have been used in it. The scents generated from this perfume are indeed quite mysterious and some even say that the smell it creates has not yet been classified by the perfume makers. The high sales of this perfume are also due to the type of boldness it comes to express. The best time to use this perfume is on a romantic night.

1. Euphoria
At number 1 we have the best and most expensive perfume Euphoria. Manufactured under the giant brand Calvin Klein, Euphoria is the highly sold perfume all around the world. FIFA had also titled this perfume as the best used fragrance of the world. The gleaming and enamoring smell of this perfume is primarily due to the fact that it has been prepared by some of the top notch perfumer makers of the present time like Dominique Ropion and Carlos Beinam. For those women who want to make all the men their addict, it is highly recommended that they use this perfume. Yet another feature which makes this perfume no.1 is the highly specific materials which have been used in its complex manufacturing process. It can be used in any season and at any time of the day because the smell created by it lasts for a long time. A revision would be made in the ingredients and packing of this perfume in the upcoming year, so we can hope to see something more fantastic than before.