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Top 10 Scariest Bridges of the World

Bridges offer an easier way to people to commute from one place to another. So bridges are everywhere in all shapes, sizes and heights. What creates an element of fear makes the bridge scary. Crossing the scary bridge is a real adventure but the meek cannot do it.
Here is the list of the Top 10 high suspension scary bridges.

10. Seven Mile Bridge in Florida

Seven Mile Bridge in Florida-10
The bridge is located in The Florida Keys, connecting the Middle and Lower Keys. It is 7 miles long and is at 65 feet height. The bridge doesn’t seem scary itself; it’s the position of the bridge which makes it a Target for many hurricanes. The current bridge is 2nd iteration. The original bridge was made for allowing the boats to pass by. It may be sturdier although but during a storm nobody will want to be on it.

9.  Sidu River Bridge in China

Sidu River Bridge in China-09
The bridge is located in high above a river gorge in China in Hubei Province. It is 1,550 feet high. The bridge opened in November 2009 as the world’s highest bridge, rising for 1,550 feet in the air. The span of the bridge is so high that Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower could fit underneath it.

8.  Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Northern Pakistan

Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Northern Pakistan-08
Crossing Hunza River in Northern Pakistan in the village of Hussaini; one has to pass through Hussaini Hanging Bridge. There are massive gaps between the planks and a wild side-to-side swing: there are reasons for which it is considered to be one of the world’s most harrowing suspension bridges. Woody and rickety cable bridges are common in this area, but the frightening part is to cross the bridge over the rapidly flowing river, as the tattered remains of the previous bridge are hanging by threads next to the one that is currently in use. Floodwaters reportedly submerged it in May 2010. The bridge is likely to be rebuilt due to its draw as a popular adventure-travel activity.

7.  Monkey Bridges in Vietnam

Monkey Bridges in Vietnam-07
These bridges are located on several points across the Mekong Delta at the southern tip of Vietnam. These bridges are built by hand by local residents and vary from town to town. Newer ones are made of concrete. They are typically made of a single bamboo log and hand rill on one side. The name is given cause of the stooped monkey-like posture which one has to maintain when crossing so that one may not plunge into river.

6.  Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland

Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland-06
It is located spanning the Chesapeake Bay to connect Maryland’s eastern and western shores. It is almost 5 miles long and 186 feet high. Drivers are notoriously afraid of this bridge, because it’s subjected to frequent violent storms. And if u r in the middle of the bridge with the bad weather, you will barely have the vision of land.

5.  Mackinac Bridge spans Michigan; Upper and Lower Peninsulas

Mackinac Bridge spans Michigan; Upper and Lower Peninsulas-05
It is located between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas.  It is 5 miles long and 199 feet above water. Some drivers get so nervous about crossing this bridge that they don’t even go. And it happens so often that the Mackinac Bridge Authority drives ones car or motorcycle for free. The biggest fear is the wind, which often exceeds 30 miles per hour on the bridge.

4. Capilano Suspension Bridge in Northern Vancouver, Canada

Capilano Suspension Bridge in Northern Vancouver, Canada-4
Its location is in North Vancouver, British Columbia, across the Capilano River. It is 450 feet long with height of 230 feet. It was built in 1889, this simple suspension footbridge is surrounded by an evergreen forest which is very high, narrow and extremely shaky, the cedar planks bounce on their steel cables as one walks across them.

3.  Trift Suspension Bridge in the Swiss Alps

Trift Suspension Bridge-3
Located in Trift Glacier, near the town of Gadmen in the Swiss Alps, Trift suspension bridge is 328 feet high and 558 feet long. It was built in 2004 to reconnect hikers to a hut which was made inaccessible by retreating glacier and it is now one of the Alps’ highest pedestrian suspension bridges. 2009’s replacement gave it higher handrails and stabilizing cables in order to prevent it from swinging violently in the wind. But it still provides an adrenaline rush.

2.  Royal Gorge Bridge over the Arkansas River in Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge over the Arkansas River in Colorado-02
Royal Gorge Bridge located in Royal Gorge, Colorado, over the Arkansas River is 969 feet above gorge with a length of 1,260 feet. It is America’s highest suspension bridge and may be breathtaking for some. It was completed in 1929 but till 1982 it didn’t have stabilizing wind cables.

1. Aiguille du Midi Bridge,France

Aiguille du Midi Bridge,France-01
Located in the summit of Aiguille du Midi in the Mont Blanc massif near Chamonix, Aiguille du Midi Bridge is 12,605 feet above sea level. At this much height, looking down brings dizziness, but the bridge is short which makes an easy escape for acrophobic ones. But those truly afraid of heights probably won’t even see the bridge.

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