Naval warfare is indeed one of those factors that play a crucial role in determining the defense of the country. The defensive posture of a country also comes to determine the naval warfare capacities of the country. Not to forget the asymmetric naval warfare strategies which employ the use of the available equipment, flexible tactics, high morale and much more. So these along with a number of other factors come to depict the importance of warships in the present era. Serving as the backbone of the country’s navy these days, warships are now more advanced, more powerful and also have the capacity to carry nuclear missiles. Below is the list of the top ten strongest warships.
10. Hood Class (Great Britain)
This British battle cruiser was most commonly known by the name of (Mighty Hood).  A symbol of power and courage, this warship was once considered to be best and most heavily equipped warship ever. But, unfortunately this battleship was destroyed by the Germans as a result of the weaknesses of the British.

9. Deutschland Class-Pocket Battleship (Germany)
This German Pocket Battleship which was indeed very agile, small and at the same very deadly. The innovative design and specialized weaponry systems of this warship had created nervousness in the minds of the Allied Forces in the World War II. With the ability to cruise half way around the world, Pocket Battleships was one of the most feared weapons which Hitler had.

8. Essex Class: Aircraft Carrier (USA)
This aircraft carrier was regarded as the strongest warship to be ever built. This class of the strongest aircraft carriers is the only one which holds the record of being used for more than 25 years in the domain of naval warfare. In the year 1945 when then carrier was attacked by the Japanese pilots, more than 700 soldiers were killed, but the Carrier itself did not sink which indeed exemplifies the strength of this carrier.

7. Bismarck Class-Battleship (Germany)
Officially launched in the year 1939, this ship is known to be the favorite ship of the dictator Adolf Hitler. Bismarck Class saw actual action in the year 1941 when it was given the first chance to fight the Allied Forces in the Atlantic. The British dearly wanted to sink the Bismarck in order to get a revenge for the (Hood) ship. After struggling for more than three days, the British finally succeeded in destroying the pride of the German nation.  More than 2000 men were killed in the ship.

6. North Carolina Class (USA)
The USS Washington was the first warship of the North Carolina Class to be launched. This class of the evolved and highly equipped warships was marked by their torpedo attacks, deck armor and with the capacity of endurance against the deadliest of attacks. The use of these warships continued for more than 3 years in which there was hardly any battle in which this class was not involved.

5. The Fletcher Class-Destroyer (USA)
These extremely deadly warships were designed to sink and destroy any Japanese supply convoys which were spotted in the pacific. The strength of the Destroyer warship can be understood by the fact they these warships had sunk down a number of Japanese ships in a matter of minutes during the World War II. The captain of the ship had stated that this ship is truly powerful and a fighting ship that would always cause great harm to all those who dare to engage this battleship.

4. Ticonderoga Class-Missile Cruiser (USA)
Initially designed and developed to be the Cold War veteran in response to the Soviets war games, the Ticonderoga Class was to be used as an advance and deadly Missile Cruiser. Over the new few years, this warship underwent a number of additions in its missile systems and internal structure, thus making it one of the strongest Cruisers which the Americans had.  In the present times, this class of battleships is considered as the artery of modern warfare and digital battlefields. They are mostly used for the peace keeping functions, but many of the countries state that the functions of these warships are more of an offensive type.

3. Queen Elizabeth Class-Battleship (Great Britain)
In the early 1900,s this class was considered to be fastest of all the ships. The ship was powered by an Oil based system which was indeed new to the previous coal based systems. This feature indeed rationalized the speed of these battleships. The ship was equipped with eight 16-inch main war guns and more than fifteen (6-inch secondary guns), thus making this class as the most powerful of all the warships that were being used in the World War I. The other battleships which were included in this class were the Barham, Warspite, Valiant and Malaya battleships.

2. Nimitz Class-Aircraft Carriers (USA)
After the downfall of the Russians in the year 1991, the role of this battleship was changed to a mediator for performing only peaceful functions. This battleship has a speed of more than 30 knots and with the ability of travelling to any location of the world, the importance of the Nimitz class for the United States of America can never be denied. Yet another important feature which makes these battleships as the most important for USA is the two nuclear reactors each of them contains. This feature is the primary source of the unlimited power and fuel which these battleships have.

1. Iowa Class (USA)
This class of battleships is the true example of endurance and re-incarnation. After disappearing in the World War II, the Iowa came back with a bang in the Korean War and then in the Vietnam War. Each of these ships was built at a cost of $ 100 million at those times. Only 4 of these battleships were built and all four of them survived the three wars which indeed elucidates their power and strength of these battleships. Thus, the Iowa Class is the most deserving to be placed at the number 1 spot in our top ten lists.