Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ten Highest Paid Soccer Players 2012

10. Frank Lampard-$ 11 Million
At number 10 we have the English player Frank Lampard whose salary from the Chelsea’s club for this year is around $ 11 Million. But at the same time there are some remaining endorsements which would indeed take this guy a few positions up. He is presently considered to be a rising star and the future pride for his country.

9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic-$ 17 Million
The amounts which this guy is receiving from the Italian Club, AC Milan indeed show that the how much desired this player is the domain of soccer. For this year he has been paid $ 17 million which has made him qualify for the top ten list of the highest paid soccer players for 2012. Through the course of his career which started in the 90’s, this cocky soccer player has always received some huge salaries and bonuses from the side of the club owners.

8. Wayne Rooney-$ 20 Million
Currently being sponsored by Nike and some other top companies, Wayne Rooney is indeed having the best times of his life. Marked by his rude attitudes and harsh looks, Rooney is now being regarded as one of the top and most talented soccer players. The Manchester United Icon player has nearly $ 20 Million this year for his contracts and it can be safely said that he would earn more in the upcoming years

7. Thierry Henry-$ 21 Million
The luxury guy of the New York Red Bulls, Thierry Henry has qualified for the number 7 spot in our list. For changing his club previously, Henry was offered a lot of money which he gladly accepted. He has also previously purchased a suite in the city of New York at the cost of $ 15 million which indeed elucidates the kind of profits this guy is cashing.

6. Ronaldinho-$ 24 Million
There were times when this guy was considered to be the best player in the world. Indeed, Ronaldinho has witnessed a number of ups and downs in his soccer career. But still he is one of the highest paid soccer players. The deal which he has previously made with the Brazilian Club will last till the year 2012. Not to forget the triple R streak in which Ronaldinho stood out among others.

5. Ricardo Kaka-$ 29 Million
Kaka is yet another highly paid Brazilian player who has signed a number of highly paying contracts with a number of organizations, especially with EA games for which he is going to receive a huge sum of money. The salary which he received from Real Madrid is around $ 29 million, thus qualifying him for our number 5 spot for this year. In addition to this there are a number of clubs who are looking for a chance to buy this player.

4. Samuel Eto’o-$ 29 Million
At number 4 we have the fast and the most decorated player for the continent of Africa, Samuel Eto’o. He has earned the title for (African Player of the Year) four times which indeed exemplifies the kind of skills and tactics this guy possesses. For this year, the guy’s earnings from the Russian Club have crossed the $ 29 million mark thus making him one of the highest paid African players of all time. There are also a number of soccer analysts who consider this guy as the best ever African Soccer Player.

3. Lionel Messi-$ 32 Million
With a current salary of $ 32 million, Lionel Messi has qualified for the number 3 spot in our list. There is no doubt in asserting or accepting that Messi is presently the best player of the world and even the best ever player in the history of soccer. There are a number of companies that have come to sponsor this top notch player like Konami, Pepsi co and many others. In addition to his dribbling and scoring abilities, the guy also has an excellent peripheral vision. This fact about Messi’s vision has been confirmed by a research that has been recently made in the domain of neuroscience and neurology.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo-$ 38 Million
At number 2 we have the super bee player of soccer and the Real Madrid star icon, Cristiano Ronaldo. With a current salary of nearly $ 38 million as confirmed by many sources, Cristiano is also being sponsored by the top companies like Coca Cola, Armani and many others. One can only speculate the amounts which Cristiano is presently receiving from various companies and organizations. Yet another factor which behind his huge earnings is the kind of looks and verbal abilities he has.

1. David Beckham-$ 40 Million
Although David is not the best player in the world, but still he has managed to receive a salary of $ 40 million from Los Angeles Galaxy. He is one of those few players who have played for almost all of the top class clubs in the world. At the same time he has signed a number of deals with Adidas, Samsung and many more for which he has received large sums of money. So, in terms of payments and earnings for the year 2012, at number 1 is David Beckham. Not to forget the amounts he earns from his private businesses.

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