There are a number of certain diseases that have killed millions of individuals till now. Even with the advancements in the domain of medical science, there are certain diseases which every year kill thousands of individuals. For most of these diseases, the death rate is very high in comparison to the normal and less viral diseases. At the same time there are certain measures which must be adopted in order to prevent the damage that has been caused by these highly infectious diseases. The infectious diseases not only impact the small and undeveloped countries, but also the first world countries. Below is the list of top ten highly infectious diseases.
10. Small Pox
This virus has always been returning in more and more complex forms forcing the countries to take advance measures for the protection of the individuals an especially the children. In the worst form of this virus, the chances of survival are less than 10 percent. The virus may attack in the form of hemorrhagic and also in the flat form.

9. Typhoid Fever
This disease is less lethal in comparison to the other diseases which have been mentioned on the list. The fatality rate of this disease is also very low in comparison to the other fatal diseases. The percentage fatality rate of this diseases ranges from the 10 to 25 or 30 percent. The symptoms of this disease may remain hibernated and hidden in the person who has in some way become immune to the disease, but may be passed on to the children or any other person.

8. Influenza
This virus is indeed one of the most devastating and scariest viruses on the list. Fortunately, it is easy to be identified and the countries these days are able to combat this virus effectively. All the credit goes to the biologists who have spent their entire lives in order to derive the cure for this virus. According to the latest researches, the young children and the old men and women are more susceptible to this form of flu. It is also said that in the year 1918, this virus killed millions of people all around the world.

7. Bubonic Plague
This dangerous virus is transmitted through fleas and can kill the infected individual in a matter of a few days. The most damage that was caused by this disease was in the medieval times. There are certain stories that assert that this virus killed more than 25 million or more people in Europe and more than 60 million all around the world. This disease has now grown to be more and more complex each year.

6. Cholera
This virus is mostly transmitted from the drinking of infected water or any other medium. In the advanced stages, this disease comes to create extreme vomiting and diarrhea in a matter of hours and can even cause death within a time span of 18 hours. Fortunately, there exists a special therapy known as the rehydration therapy that can be used in order to combat this disease and wither the effects created by this virus. The best way to combat this virus is to improve the sanitation and water drainage facilities.

5. Anthrax
This special viral disease has been used many a times in different wars primarily because of the fact that it can bring a fast death to the infected person. The virus is transmitted through small animals which can carry this virus in their bodies. As soon as the bacteria enters the body its starts multiplying at a very rapid pace. It causes damage to the bodily organs by producing various toxins that can penetrate and destroy the blood cells. There are a number of antibiotics which are used to treat this disease. But in the final stages, this virus can be very difficult to stop from killing the person.

4. Malaria
There are still more than 500 million outbreaks which are produced by this infectious and dangerous disease. In the ancient times, this disease used to kill almost every person which it infected, but now certain medications have been devised which can cure this disease quite effectively. According to the latest stats, this disease kills one person in an interval of every 30 seconds.

SARS, is the abbreviation of severe acute respiratory syndrome which showed its whims and furies only once in Asia. This disease can come to cause a certain death in the people who are aged more than 60 years. It can also prove to be devastating for individuals of any age, but it most influences the older people. No doubt, there is a vaccine which can be used to cure this disease, but there is no absolute cure for this disease.

2. Ebola
This virus is yet another very infectious and highly fatal virus which causes death in more than 60 to 70 percent of the infected individuals. Usually this virus kills a person in less than 10 or 15 days and till now there is not any definite and effective treatment for this disease. A number of vaccine tests have been performed on animals, but no successful human tests have been confirmed.

At number 1 we have the Human immune deficiency virus is the most infectious of all the diseases which completely destroys the immune system, thus leading to certain death. There is no sort of treatment for this disease and has been categorized as an Epidemic by a number of health organizations and agencies all around the world.