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Top 10 Mysterious Places on Earth

Since the inception of the world, man has explored almost most of the parts of the world. They have started from north to south and east to west  in finding and studying everything which can be observed.There a number of factors which make these places so abstruse. From years many researchers and scientists have tried to study the particular geography and hidden aspects of these places but have not been able to draw a valid and correct explanation. The more they try to study these places the more they get confused and engrossed. Below is the list of the top 10 most mysterious places on earth.

10. Xinjian

In this city there is a very mysterious area where a number of paranormal events have occurred. Nobody has ever given a valid explanation about the area which is known as the area of the demon or the city of the demon. When one visits this area in the afternoon, then most of the times one can hear the sound of millions of guitars being played at the same time which is indeed creepy.

9. Egypt

Egypt  tourism destinations
There is no doubt that this country is one of the mysterious places on the globe. The entire structure of the pyramids and all other buildings which are located in the deserts are indeed magical and difficult to explain. Even the scientists have no valid explanation about how the pyramids were built thousands of years ago.

8. The Underwater Ruins in Japan

Underwater ruins in Japan
These ruins are present underwater on the southern cost of the area of Yonaguni in Japan. It has been estimated that these ruins are more than 9000 years old. It has been confirmed by a great amount of research that these ruins are indeed man made and came under water after a natural disaster.

7. The Stones of Baalbek

Stones of Balbek
The largest temple of the Roman Empire stands in the area of Baalbek. There are also a number of temples in Greece but there is something indeed different and suspicious about this temple. Nobody has an idea about why was this temple so important and special for the Romans.

6. The Stonehenge

Stones of Balbek

This location is by far one of the best known monuments in the world. When takes a detailed look at this structure, then a number of thoughts strike the consciousness that why was this place built, what is the purpose of these stones that are arranged in circular order. It has been estimated that this locations was built in 2500 BC but the exact time of origin is not known.

5. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu
This location is present on the top of a mountain ad covered all around by many other mountains. From thousands of years this place has remained preserved and mysterious. It used to be the part of the Inca Empire. The stones of each building at this location are so tightly packed that there is not even a room for a little ant between them. It is estimated that his location was built in 1450 BC.

4. The Coral Castle, a Monument of Lost Love

Coral Castle
This is indeed a mystery that how a single person built such a huge structure for his long lost love by using merely corals and heavy rocks. All around one will find pieces of coral and carved stones. This place was built by a person named Leedskalnin in 1923. The entire monument has a mysterious structure and a deep thought is also hidden in its design.

3. Easter Island

Easter Island
It is located in the Southern Pacific Ocean and is known as the Eastern Island or Rapa Nui. It was built by the Rapanui people thousands of years ago. They used to worship the numerous statues that are lined together at the location. The weight of each statue is more than 50 tons. No valid conclusion can be drawn about why did the people of those times built these structures to worship and what exactly was their religion and how were these statues made by using the primitive technologies.

2.  The Mayan Civilization

Mayan Civilization
In the South American region is the civilization that mastered in a number of arts and knowledge which are still considered to be very difficult arts. They had a deep knowledge about the stars and developed a special writing system. They also had the ability to see the future and they also had the knowledge about the end of the world.

1. The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle
The place which rightly deserves the first spot is the devil’s triangle famously known as the Bermuda triangle. Nobody knows what happens in this area and those who tried to go in the area have never returned to tell the story. Scientists don’t even have the slightest idea about what exactly made the disappearances of the people who went into that area.

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