Today the world has been introduced to the concept of Modern Warfare. With Modern Warfare has evolved many dangerous ways and weapons for killing people. The most dangerous guns are those  that are readily usable while being accurate and lethal over a considerable range. Listed here are the top 10 most dangerous guns in the world:

10.Heckler Koch HK MG4 MG 43 Machine Gun:

Originally created by German company Heckler and Koch, the belt-fed machine gun has a measurement of 5.56mm.The gun was originally developed in the late 90’s but its first display was made during 2001,although it was produced a long time ago but it has removed all of its competition due to its reliability as well as its lethalness.
Heckler Koch HK MG4 MG 43 Machine Gun
Old design or not this machine gun is the perfect killer and is sure to cause mayhem from afar.

9.Heckler and Koch HK416 Assault Rifle:

Another beautiful design by the German company, this is the best gun in the market created by the German company. With a weight of 5.56mm,this is an upgraded version of the American M4.
Heckler and Koch HK416 Assault Rifle
The short stroke piston used in this gun makes it even more deadlier and is without a doubt one of the most lethal weapons available in the market.

8.Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle:

Manufactured by the British firm Accuracy International, the sniper rifle weighs 14.1 kgs and can hold five rounds of 0.50 BMG in a single magazine. Adding to that the fact that it can be disassembled within three minutes without an actual usage of tools. The ability to focus on its targets from a very long range with great accuracy just attributes to make this one hell of a deadly weapon.
Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle
With an accuracy of 1.5 MOA, this is the ultimate killing machine.

7.F-2000 Assault Rifle:

Manufactured by the Belgian company FN Herstal, this gun was first displayed during an exhibition at Abu Dhabi in 2001.With a compact 5.56x45m NATO caliber and consisting of two main asselmblies,with a removable hand guard,this is one of the most lethal weapons available in the market.
F-2000 Assault Rifle

6.MG3 Machine Gun:

A gun from Germany,the MG3 was originally created in 1951 and still after a long time is still one of the most popular guns around.Chambered for the 7.62x51mm NatoCartridge.
MG3 Machine Gun
Used by over 30 countries for providing support to their infantry,the MG 3 machine gun is one painful way to face death.

5.XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun:

Designed to be lightweight and be operated by two men, the Advanced Crew Served Weapon (ACSW),has a range of 2000 meters when it comes to killing people and that range ranges to 1000 meters when it comes to armored vehicles. Designed by the U.S Army, this gun has a range of over 2 kilometers and can fire about 260 rounds per minute.
XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun
The 25mm Grenade belt system off this weapon makes it an amazing killing machine and it lands it in the 5 position in our top 10 list.

4. Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault Rifle:

Designed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov,the gun had statred developing in WW2 and was presented for military trials in 1946.The gas operated 7.62×39 mm is still the most popularly used Assault Rifle in the world even after six generations have passed.
Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault Rifle
With a low production cost and ease of use this weapon is not only cost affective but also amongst the most dangerous weapons out there.

3.Uzi Sub-machine Gun:

Designed in Israel by Major Uzil Gal, the weapon is related to the family of Bolt and Blowback operated sub-machine guns. Using a telescoping bolt design, its protoyppe was completed in 1950 and since then it has been widely used as a devastating weapon.
Uzi Sub-machine Gun
Referred to as the ultimate personal defense weapon by officers, troops and tankers; this weapon lands on the third spot in our list.

2.Thompson M1921 Submachine Gun:

Invented by the American John T. Thompson in 1919,this weapon is popularly known as Tommy gun.Favoured by soldiers,officers as well as criminals due to its compactness,reliability and high volume of automatic fire,it is still very widely used in the world.
Thompson M1921 Submachine Gun
Tommy Gun is considered as a weapon which will bring a world of harm to the party it is used against.

1.DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper rifle:

The bolt action, anti-material rifle hailing from Germany has the capability to fire the new and more powerful .50 round. A feature such as cheek piece and butt stock, the holder for spare magazines is installed in the front of the gun to minimize reloading time.
DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper rifle
Having a barrel of 660 mm and 7.62x51mm Nato caliber, this is without a doubt the most dangerous weapon available for use throughout the world.