Trees are among those living organisms that have witnessed the rise and falls of numerous civilizations through the course of human history. The oldest of trees have something which makes them majestic and to some extenteternal. The oldest of all such trees in the world which is named as Old  Tjikko tree is more than 9000 years old and is still standing up right. This tree is indeed amazing in terms of internal structure. There are a number of intellectuals who have constantly asserted that trees serve as a medium of establishing s connection with the past. The focus of this top ten ranking would be on such amazing trees.. Below is the list of the 10 most amazing trees.
10. Angel Oak
This tree is located in the ever green regions of South Carolina. It is about 1500 years old and is still standing upright with its shades covering a very large area. This wonderful tree is considered to be the oldest of all living organisms which are found near the Mississippi river. The circumference of the tree is nearly 28 feet and the branches go as long as 100 feet. Despite of the devastating earth quakes in the area, it has survived till now.

9. Dragon’s Blood Tree
Also known by the name of the Socotra tree, the Dragon’s blood tree is yet another rare and amazing living organism. It is one of the most enchanting and famous trees which are found on Yemeni Island. According to UNESCO, the species of this tree are not to be found anywhere else of the world. In others words, this tree is specific to certain locations. The resins which are released from this tree are used by the locals in curing various diseases, cosmetics manufacturing and much more.

8. Elia Bouybon
This tree has been estimated to be more than 3500 years old, which is the primary reason in making it the oldest olive tree in the whole world. The base of this organism is around 15 feet thick which helps it in firmly grasping the earth. Located in a village of Ano Vouves, this tree is visited by thousands of tourists each year.

7. Tule Tree
Located in Mexico, this tree is more than 100 feet tall. It is also known by another name in Mexican language (El Arbol del Tule). When one takes a look at its branches, then it feels like each of its branches can be a tree in itself. The circumference of this tree is also very large approximately 119 feet which has indeed astounded the scientists and botanists of today.

6. Ta Phrom Trees
The reason behind such an odd naming of the trees is the fact they grow on the Ta Phrom temple. The structure and size of these trees are indeed captivating and serene. According to the researches which have been made by a number of botanists, one of the trees is a Silk Cotton tree while the second is the Thitpok tree. The feature of these trees which attracts thousands of tourists each year, are the Godly roots.

5. Teapot Baobab
This special tree is not only found in Africa, but also in some Asian and Arabian Peninsula areas. It is also known by the specie name of Adansonia. There are a total of 8 species of this tree, 6 of which are found in Madagascar while 1 is found in Australia. The sight which this tree comes to provide is indeed matchless and truly striking.

4. Methuselah
The species of this pine can be found in a number of areas of Utah, California and other places. The growth of this pine takes place slowly and in a definite order. The leaves along with the needles of it can remain green for around a period of 40 years. This pine tree is also regarded as the oldest of all non-clonal living organisms which are to be found on the earth. The first samples from the tree were collected in the year 1957.

3. Rainbow Eucalyptus
This huge and evergreen organism can reach the height of 246 feet. The geographic distribution of this amazing and colorful tree is not only limited to the Indonesian Archipelago but is also found in many other areas of Philippines. The most evident feature of this tree which makes it worth watching and admiring is the concentration of the highly colorful straps on its branches and other areas. In addition to this, the colors of this tree are always constantly changing and no color is repeated twice which indeed makes it one of the most enamoring wonders of nature.

2. Silk Floss Tree
Belonging to the Mallow Family, this tree is yet another masterpiece of nature. Its height can reach to more than 81 feet. The tree is endemic to a number of tropical and sub-tropical localities and forests of South America. With the help of its large spines, it can conserve large amounts of water. A number of large red and purple flowers grown on this tree, thus further extending the beauty of this limitless piece of art.

1. The Tree of Life
The feature which made this tree qualify for the number 1 spot was the fact it has survived for more than 400 years in a devastated desert and without any supply of water. This feature may indeed be the reason behind the naming of this tree as the Tree of Life. This tree deserves to be appreciated with all the natural wonders of the world. The instinct of survival can be best understood by looking at this tree.